The Angel Makers

Gradually we discover the extent of the ‘arsenic murders’ that were discovered in 1929, when a large group of women of the village where arrested for poisoning their husbands with arsenic.
Rather than presenting the historic facts, the film shows us how the older members of village remember the events and how they reflect on it. The villagers’ stories give us a better insight into the circumstances surrounding the murders as well as an insight into the ongoing male-female saga.

Director & Producer: Astrid Bussink
Camera: Klara Trenscenyi
Editor: Brigitta Peszler / Astrid Bussink
Sound: Tamas Faix
Music: Jan Schaten
Produced by: Edinburgh College of Art

Screening formats: Digi Beta, Beta SP (PAL & NTSC)

Best Documentary Short – European Independent Film Festival, 2006 (France)
Winner Award ‘Regards sur le Crime’ – Visions Du Réel, 2006 (Switzerland)
Nominated for Grierson Best Newcomer Award, 2006
First Appearance Award – IDFA, 2005 (The Netherlands)
And over 40 screenings world-wide…

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