CinemaAttic Masterclass: Miguel Ángel Rosales - Scottish Documentary Institute

CinemaAttic Masterclass: Miguel Ángel Rosales

Visual Anthopology: Afro Andalusian Memories

In this masterclass, Miguel Ángel Rosales will talk more about challenges in making his latest documentary film Gurumbe: Afro-Andalusian Memories, centred around the untold stories of the slave trade and the influence of African rhythms in the ‘purest’ of all Spanish traditions, the flamenco.

Miguel Ángel Rosales is a Spanish anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. His contact with cinema began at a very young age following his father across the South of Spain projecting films in local cinemas. Miguel Ángel studied at the Conservatory of Music in Granada and later directed musical, theatrical and audiovisual projects. In 2004 he began his first projects as a documentary film maker. Gurumbé is his first feature film.

Today Europe’s southern borders are shielded with barbed wire and fences, but once a trade flourished here that forcibly kidnapped thousands of African men and women into exile and exploitation. Giving voice to its Afro Andalusian memories, Gurumbé leads us to question Spanish identity, reminding us that Africa is weaved into its fabric.

Spain had slaves.This is not exactly front-page news to anyone who knows a thimble full of Cuba’s colonial history. However, it has been conveniently forgotten on the Iberian Peninsula, where there were also plenty of slaves holding on European soil. In that context, amateur musicologists will not be surprised to learn African music forms helped shape the development of flamenco. Academics and musicians examine the legacy of Spain’s deliberately forgotten slave trade and its resulting cultural impact in M. Angel Rosales’ Gurumbé: Afro-Andalusian Memories.

Gurumbe: Afro Andalusian Memories will have its Scottish Premiere on Saturday 14 April at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh preceded by a “Deconstructing Flamenco” performance. More information and tickets at:

Miguel Ángel Rosales – Bio

Born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain, Andalucia) in 1964. Degree in Anthropology and Forest Engineering. Got a very early introduction to cinema thanks to his father taking him to projection rooms and local film clubs in the South of Spain. Studied in The Conservatory of Granada and since a very young age has been working on different music, theatre and audiovisual art projects in which he experiments with rock and punk music composing for contemporary dance.

In 2004 begins his Anthropology studies at UNED and rediscovers his passion for cinema in the field of visual anthropology. Takes to organising various film workshops and courses in different schools, the most notable of which were Ethnographic Documentary Cinema at The Andalucian Institute of Heritage (Instituto de Patrimonio de Andalucia); Cinema and Anthropology at The University of Barcelona, or Documentary and Fiction: Approaching the Double Nature of Film, taught by Victor Erice. After spending time at EICTV in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) decides to fully dedicate himself to visual art and documentary filmmaking.