CryptoCLASS workshop - Scottish Documentary Institute

CryptoCLASS workshop

Filmhouse and Scottish Documentary Institute are happy to present a free cryptography workshop for emerging and established filmmakers, journalists and students!

CryptoCLASS – Cryptography Workshop

CryptoCLASS introduce easy-to-use programs to your everyday life that you can use to privately communicate online, store documents on a computer or external hard disk and browse anonymously. Removing the jargon and using clean, simple explanations – they want you to come away with an understanding both of the concepts of encryption and the necessary steps to use the tools they teach.

No need to be a security expert or have any experience in the field!

Emerging and established filmmakers, journalists and students are welcome for this two hour hands-on session.
Don’t forget to bring a laptop!

This CryptoCLASS workshop is free but places are limited.


Laura Poitras: 9/11 Trilogy

In addition to the workshop you can also see the work of recently BAFTA & OSCAR winning director Laura Poitras who used Crypto tools to make her recent film Citizen Four possible.

My Country, My Country: Wed 8 Apr at 18:00
The Oath: Thu 9 Apr at 18:00
Citizenfour: Sat 11 Apr at 15:15 (plus presentation by CryptoCLASS)

Tickets from Filmhouse Cinema.