Make Your Market: Distribution Rewired - Scottish Documentary Institute

Make Your Market: Distribution Rewired

What is Make Your Market?

In the fast changing landscape of marketing and distribution the relatively new role of
the PMD is being recognised as increasingly integral to the process of producing a film
and connecting it with the right audiences. Make Your Market is the first initiative in Scotland to focus on developing and implementing new models of film marketing, distribution and audience engagement.

For six months, Scottish Documentary Institute and London-based Distribution Agency, We Are The Tonic, have been working with two trainee Producers of Marketing and Distribution and four filmmaking teams on delivering marketing campaigns and distribution strategies for the selected films, both fiction and documentary.
June 2016 sees the culmination of the training and we are delighted to be taking part in Distribution Rewired to report back experiences and to look at today’s rapidly changing media world.

Distribution Rewired

1pm Session 1 The Distribution Solution – Moving with the Times
As audiences consume more and more of their content online and in a variety of different formats, how can filmmakers and exhibitors work with distributors to keep up to date with their expectations? And what models and opportunities exist out there to help us fill the demand?

In Conversation session, hosted by Deborah Rowland, We are The Tonic

1:45 pm Session 2 Case Studies – Filmmakers’ Journeys
Make Your Market’s trainee Producers of Marketing and Distribution and the documentary and fiction filmmakers will discuss their experiences of distribution on the programme, how they devised strategies, what works and what doesn’t and how they negotiated this ever changing sector.

Panel Session, hosted by Deborah Rowland, We are The Tonic


2:45 pm Session 3 Panel Discussion – Distribution & Exhibition in Scotland
What are the highs and lows of navigating independent film distribution in Scotland. What are the specificities, issues and opportunities? How can we learn from new models and build on existing campaigns, rather than reinventing the wheel? What should be our underlying vision and what synergies (between filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors and PMDs) can we call upon for getting our films seen more widely?

Panel session, hosted by Sonja Henrici, Scottish Documentary Institute

3:30 – 4:15pm Session 4: The Case for Impact
What can we learn from the philosophy and focus of impact producing? Hear about the concept, listen to examples and take away ideas and tips for your own film campaigns.

Keynote by Jessica Edwards, Producer, Hope Street Films.