Screening + Masterclass: Maria Tarantino - 'Our City' - Scottish Documentary Institute

Screening + Masterclass: Maria Tarantino – ‘Our City’

Our City: A portrait of the city of Brussels and its inhabitants.
We are partnering with The Centre for Francophone Belgian Studies at the University of Edinburgh to present this free event aimed at filmmakers, film students and anyone interested in this complex city.

The film will be screened with English subtitles and followed by an extended Q&A with the director Maria Tarantino.

‘This is Brussels, the capital of Europe, a city of concrete cages wrapped in glass, planned by businessmen and politicians, set in motion by construction workers, and animated by office people. But there, in the narrow spaces just beyond the reach of bureaucracy, lies the Brussels that still breathes. You can hear its multicultural heart beating and see the traces of all the other cities, the ones each person carries within him/herself. All of us together add up to create the complex body and dissonant identity of Our City.’

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The event is free but ticketed.