Make Your Market, launched in 2016, is a brand new initiative open to Producers and emergent PMDs (Producers of Marketing and Distribution) based in Scotland. Run in partnership with London based Distribution agency We Are The Tonic, Make Your Market is the first initiative in Scotland to focus on developing and implementing new models of film marketing, distribution, and audience engagement.

There are two strands to this 6 month training opportunity. Four Scottish-based producers with a project currently underway are selected for the initiative and subsequently paired with a PMD who will develop the marketing campaign for their film. In addition the producers receive individual mentoring from We Are The Tonic.

In a paid, full time ‘trainee’ role, two PMDs will work closely with the selected productions, to test and develop tools and strategies to be used at any stage of production and distribution, supported throughout by workshops and individual mentoring.

In the fast changing landscape of marketing and distribution the relatively new role of the PMD is being recognised as increasingly integral to the process of producing a film and connecting it with the right audiences. We are really proud to be running a programme which specifically focuses on the importance of this role and the vital benefits it brings to a project when working alongside the producer.

The first edition of Make Your Market is now complete. Contact us here if you’re interested in the next edition. 

As part of the training programme we run events and panel discussions for the participants, some of which are open for all to attend. Check our Events page for updates and details.

Scottish Documentary Institute is committed to offering clear and accessible application processes open to everyone. On request this information is available in alternative formats. We offer access support to disabled applicants, tailored to individual requests and our team can offer advice to new applicants and support them to make an application. 


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