Stories is an intensive residential filmmaking laboratory supported by and in collaboration with British Council, during which emerging filmmakers are empowered with the creative and practical tools to examine their sense of identity and nationality through film. To date we have run Stories in Benghazi, Tripoli, Rabat, Dhaka, Karachi, Ramallah, Syria, Gaza, Amman, Hanoi, Jakarta, and Beijing. The films produced offer surprising and nuanced insights into these cities through strong, character-led stories.

Tell Your City’s Stories

We are always looking for opportunities to bring this hands-on initiative to diverse communities. Are you part of a company or organisation who would be interested in supporting a Stories project or Filmmaking Lab in your city or region?

It is a fantastic chance to nurture your filmmaking community while also producing a considered and creative response to a city’s identity.

For our archive of films and more information please have a look on our Stories Website. Or contact Noe Mendelle.



Have a look on our Stories Website and learn how Stories could work in your city.

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