Directors: Finlay Pretsell and Adrian McDowall
Producers: Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall (Imagine Pictures) and Paul Welsh (Digicult)
Executive Producers: Sonja Henrici, Noe Mendelle, David Smith
Editors: Susan Korda and Mark Jenkins
Camera: Martin Radich
Sound: Marcelo de Oliveira, Douglas Fairgrieve, Al Mason
Music: Mathew Aldworth

funded by BBC Scotland, Creative Scotland & BFI as part of DigiPlus.

“I’m trusted with a pair of scissors and I’m in here for murder.”

Prison life in the build up to the annual Scottish Prison Service hairdressing competition. Winning the coveted prize is the ultimate goal, but Francis, the current champion has other objectives on his mind. We hear dreams and aspirations of some of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners turning their lives around through cutting the hair of fellow inmates on a daily basis.

“10 minutes in here is like 10 minutes outside jail”

We discover how hairdressing is helping many of Scotland’s prisoners come to terms with their crimes and preparing them for life outside.


Winner Best Short Documentary – Encounters Film Festival 2012
Winner Best Matter of Fact Film – Indianapolis Film Festival 2012
Winner Grand Prix – Asterfest 2012
Winner for Best Documentary – Flickerfest 2012
Winner Best Short Documentary – Riverrun 2012
DocuWeeks 2012 (New York)
Hotdocs 2012 (in competition)
SXSW 2012 (in competition)

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