Pablo needs to stop smoking. Why? Because his wife, family and doctor say he should. But Pablo is a stubborn man. He’s worked in the mercury mines of Almadén, Spain, risking his life daily, he’s had five severe heart attacks and smoked 20 Winston’s a day since he was 12. Now in his seventies, Pablo spends most of his day in front of the TV, surrounded by a cloud of smoke, with his back turned firmly towards a village that has lived through better times.

Pablo represents the last generation of Almadén mercury miners, an age old profession with over 2000 years of history. Through a straightforward depiction of life’s everyday moments, Pablo’s Winter explores the decay of the local mining culture, but above all, pays homage to its real protagonists: the miners and their families.

Director/Producer: Chico Pereira
Editor: Nick Gibbon
Camera: Julian Schwanitz
Music: Juan Alberto Navazo
Exec Producers: Sonja Henrici & Finlay Pretsell

Produced by: Opa Films in association with Scottish Documentary Institute and Screen Academy Scotland

Screening Formats: HD Cam, Digi Beta

Pablo’s Winter  (Official Website)

EU-OSHO Award at DOKLeipzig 2012 & Special Mention ‘Young Award’
IDFA 2012 Student Competition



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