Director Masterclass: Almudena Carracedo - Scottish Documentary Institute

Director Masterclass: Almudena Carracedo

Scottish Documentary Institute, Cinemaattic, and Take One Action present this free Masterclass aimed at filmmakers and film students.

Almudena Carracedo
Director of The Silence of Others

Almudena Carracedo, one of the directors of the Berlin Audience Award and Sheffield Grand Jury Award-winning The Silence of Others, will explore different aspects of the film’s 6-year production process. She will discuss the work involved in capturing both a deeply personal and a political process – from building trust with protagonists to the 14 month-long edit and the challenges of assembling such a multi-layered story, combining many characters an story arcs, from 450 hours of footage. The session will also consider character building, how to provide context without losing your audience and how to integrate the strategy, goals, and tools necessary for a successful impact campaign from early in the film’s development.

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1972, she began her career in the USA where she directed and produced her debut film Made in L.A., a feature-length documentary which won an Emmy and received critical acclaim. In 2012 she returned to Spain to begin work on The Silence of Others.

This Masterclass will be hosted by SDI Director Noé Mendelle

This Masterclass is part of Take One Action Film Festival and has been made possible thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the PICE’s grants programme.

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