SDI at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 - Scottish Documentary Institute

SDI at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

The 2013 edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival is going to be busy for  us! Check out all our events…

Tuesday 18th June  (9:30-17:30 | Traverse Theatre)
Scotland’s only international documentary pitching forum and a great networking opportunity.

Wednesday 19th June (14:30-17:30 | ECA Main Lecture Theatre)
We have selected three filmmakers who will present 20 minutes of their work in progress. Come and be a supportive test audience at a crucial point in the creative process!



It’s Bridging the Gap 10th anniversary! We cannot quite believe it’s been that long!

This year’s films will take you to 4 corners of Scotland, places you haven’t been before – from a Glasgow lab where a scientist is attempting the impossible to the ‘American plains’ just outside Aberdeen, where Buffalos roam; to the small respite house in Edinburgh where people are cooked and cared for to East Kilbride where the surprising story took place of Scottish factory workers who stood against the military coup in Chile from afar.

Wednesday 19th June (13:50 | Filmhouse 3)
Press & Industry screening (EIFF pass holders only)

Saturday 22nd June (15:30 | Filmhouse 3)
Public screening – Book your ticket

Wednesday 26th June (18:30-19:30 | Traverse Bar Cafe)
Networking Drinks (EIFF pass holders only)
Creative Scotland and SDI invite you to end your day (or start your evening) with a drink and a chat with other Festival delegates and filmmakers.



The film tells the story of Neil Platt, who when diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 33, he makes the unusual decision to document his final months, by inviting a film crew into the home he shares with his tireless wife Louise and toddler son Oscar.

Tuesday 18th June (13:00 – Filmhouse 1)
Press & Industry screening (EIFF pass holders only)

Thursday 20th June (18:00 | Filmhouse 1)
Public screening – Book your ticket

Saturday 22nd June (14:00 | Traverse Theatre)
Panel Discussion: When to turn the camera off
I Am Breathing is a film about personal tragedy and a difficult subject, raising questions about how filmmakers should ethically report on these matters? From the unique distribution model to the support from the family, it seems that the awareness that this film raises for MND is positive and therefore ethically sustainable. But is it possible to avoid sensationalism when telling a story about someone at  this stage of a terminal disease? Where do we draw the line when invading a person’s privacy.
Directors Emma Davie & Morag McKinnon and producer Sonja Henrici will appear on the panel, as well as Louise Platt to discuss the ethical decisions that they had to conquer when making I Am Breathing.
Industry event (EIFF pass holders only) 

Sunday 23rd June (16:25 – Cineworld 12)
Public screening – Book your ticket

Tuesday 25th June (16:15 | Cineworld 11)
Press & Industry screening (EIFF pass holders only)


Sunday 23rd June (16:00 -Traverse Theatre)

Kossakovsky’s documentaries are characterised by a conceptual approach to reality and this is reflected in his approach to cinematography. Through examples from his past work, Kossakovsky will talk about his cinematographic choices answering fundamental questions about the act of filmmaking.
Industry event (EIFF pass holders only)

Monday 24th June (17:30 | Traverse)

Two different continents, two different film schools…  Their films have explored all shades of human emotions. They are the wizards of the documentary world and anything may happen during their conversation!
Industry event (EIFF pass holders only)